Dating a self centered man

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The world narcissists live in is not real and certainly not attainable.7. Narcissists are unable to see things from other people's perspective.As a result, narcissists do as they please and don't have any remorse.If you're looking back on the early days of your romantic relationship and wondering how to recover that bliss, forget about it," says Burgo."Ask yourself why you want to remain in this relationship.Are you trying to recover the idealized early days when it all felt so perfect?

"If you criticize a narcissist, he will turn on you in a heartbeat and savage your self-esteem," says Burgo.

Look at this (and any breakup, really) as a healing opportunity.

If this person doesn't treat you the way you deserve, stand up for yourself and free yourself up for someone who will.

If he's been making you feel bad about yourself, not respecting you, and not making you feel important, it's probably because a narcissist only cares about one thing: himself.

When you see this, "Get away as quickly as possible," advises Burgo.

Narcissists reel us in with their charm and when things aren't looking good, they're manipulative and convincing. They will try to assert the same power in a relationship.6. As mentioned above, narcissists set unrealistic expectations of others.

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