Dating a loner

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If you’re a loner, this job description, this self-definition, is carried throughout your days giving you a sense of freedom from social burdens, but also a sense of lurking loneliness and craving.

But how can you be a loner that enjoys your solitude but still desires to find a lover or friend?

Mostly the feelings of loneliness for me are equated with a desire for romantic partner but also other connections are missing, too.

If I am fine with my alone time how can I want to form a bond with someone so strongly?Here is what I’ve learned that you can find out for yourself as well: Being a loner doesn’t mean that you are exempt from your evolutionary, biological cravings.Although you might feel separate or somehow self-sufficient, you are nevertheless inextricably linked to others.The first two messages from Arman and Jennifer that I include at the start of this article reflect this perfectly; the sense that if you’re a loner, somehow you shouldn’t want to have a friend or lover.Yes, you might be a loner, but you are also many other things.

*** If you are a quiet person who struggles with the feelings of insecurity, self-hatred, and anxiety – and if you feel as though this is blocking you from finding a partner – you might like to read my book “Quiet Strength.” This book is crammed full of perspective-shifting insight, activities, and exercises. “I’m in my second read and I will probably read it again just to make sure I absorb everything. Highly recommended for those of us who have trouble loving and accepting ourselves as introverts.

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