Dating a ibanez ts808 dating a germany china plates

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The wires to/from pots, jacks and switch are equally handwired in all of them, though.

The TS-808HW is very expensive, and I haven’t tried it to see if it’s worth the extra cash (or if it is actually true bypass, as advertised).

This one also has its pots mounted the same way as the TS-10, plus the enclosure itself is plastic…It’s pretty good, and relatively easy to mod as well.The tricky bit is taking the pedal apart and putting it back together – it’s built using a modular system, with a bunch of different circuit boards connected with wires and multi-connectors.It was made by Maxon, used the TA75558P op-amp (just like the last batch of originals) and were very difficult to tell apart from the ’80s item.The switch (the little tactile switch inside) is different, though, so if you take it out the difference is clear.

All of the reissue 808’s have the JRC4558D, and all are ”CE” marked. But if I wanted an 808, I’d probably just get a ”9” and mod it – it’ll be exactly the same, but much cheaper. The TS-808 does come in a cooler box, though, and one that allows you to fit a true bypass switch a bit more neatly – rather than drill a hole through the nameplate (as you would do on a TS-9), the switch can be mounted where the stock switch is. They look like the old standoff phenolic boards used in vintage amps, but undoubtedly also have copper traces underneath to handle the connections between components (if you look closely, you’ll see that most of the soldering eyelets aren’t being used, so there must be some other way to connect components to each other).

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