Dating a friends brother

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We (more so, I) decided to get married because we had been together for so long and wanted to do what was right for our kids (again, more so me than him). Originally posted by racergirl Engaged for 4 months and it was not a proposal by him. I thought he was just in a funk with having to take a low paying job after losing his good paying one so I stuck it out, trying to support him mentally and financially.

We (more so, I) decided to get married because we had been together for so long and wanted to do what was right for our kids (again, more so me than him). You sounded like a 21-year old girl in your first post. If I were you I would get out of that family, but if you like his brother, I think you owe your ex-fiance NOTHING!

Turns out, his brother has a crush on me and has for some time but out of respect for his brother, I of course, was unobtainable. The twist to all of this is that during the time I was dating his brother, I always had that un-obtainable attraction to his brother, too!

I felt like he was more my type but he WAS married when I met my ex.

I've tried to hook him up with girl friends and he's dated a couple times but none of them captured his interest, except for me and since I've broken up with his brother (yes, I kicked him out but wanted him back, but then he didn't want to come back and now I'm glad he didn't-you know, the old emotional rollercoaster of "love") he says he has feelings for me that he has not had in a VERY LONG TIME! When push comes to shove if this is causing problems the brother could dump you just out of loyalty to his brother. My 2 cents, you are rebounding a little to close to where you started and need to bounce a little further away from his family. But, what I need to know is THIS WEIRD to want this? I'm thinking "rebound" also, but yet I want to persue this with him too.

(I'm a little confused) Oh, and BELIEVE me when I wondered where his loyalty is and he definatley cares about his brother, but also has seen first hand his brothers crap that I put up with and ALWAYS told me I could do better and not put up with it.

It felt safe and I let that feeling take priority over what I really wanted or what might be best. I think the brother is familiar and has a level of comfort that is telling you he is safer than starting over and going through the dating process with someone you don't know. There are two kinds of regret, when you regret something you did and when you regret not doing something.

I just think you better make sure of your reasonings before going after something that has potential to get messy.I know him very well, personality wise so it's not like trying to get to know someone I've never been around. can't see how this wouldn't be an issue at some point... I don't see any problem with you dating your ex-fiance's brother.And the stranger thing is, my ex (his brother) does NOT have a problem with us being friends and also mentioned the only thing weird about us hookin-up, HE SAID, was that he would question my taste in men (in a joking manner.) The brother is a very sensual, romantic, gentleman that I witnessed thru attempts to saving his marriage and what I was told about how he treated her. If his brother doesn't have a problem with that than you shouldn't either.I just got out of a long term relationship with my ex-fiance.We where friends before we started dating and want to try and stay friends afterwards.

I was also good friends with his brother since he always did things with us.

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