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She does business by referral only and she's rarely photographed or seen outside of her residence. "CUSTOMIZED EMERGENCY ROOMS FOR THE RICH & POWERFUL" Presidential Medicine: Unbeknownst to most of the public, elite emergency rooms (ready rooms) are available to the super rich.Allegedly, the White House is also equipped with this type of emergency room.The room is constructed in your mansion or on a yacht with all the latest medical equipment, including high tech medical equipment.

Both men also believe that he was a Manchurain Candidate.These phones don't keep records of calls (untraceable) and the company that provides the service for two-way cell phones can't be identified and they can't be traced via satellite. Secret Service Counter Assault Team member holds a assault rifle in the first photo."PRESIDENTIAL SECRET AGENT" In the "fixer world," there's always been speculation that each U. President has a classified secret agent for special missions. This man is the point man and most likely the team leader on PE Obama's security detail and he probably carries a 2-way cell phone, mentioned above.These customized emergency rooms for the rich and famous start at million dollars.IN RELATED NEWS: PRESIDENTIAL RETREAT (INSIDE CAMP DAVID) by: Kevin Chappell Camp David is the world's most exclusive and elaborate political retreat.

After the client reveals their medical ailments, if the ailments aren't life threatening or serious, the doctor will make a diagnosis and advice on how to treat the ailment.

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