Czech dating scams

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Traditionally, victims primarily reported solicitations for prize and lottery notifications.

Currently, the CAFC receives reports on over 25 different scam types where contact is made through the mail. Consumers receive a solicitation through the mail offering or requesting assistance to transfer a large sum of money from a foreign country.

Consumers receive a solicitation in the mail from a psychic offering services.

Notifications vary from offering financial freedom in the form of predicting lottery numbers to providing a gift or lucky charm to removing a jinx.

In addition, some solicitations claims the consumer is a winner in a foreign lottery, fees are requested upfront to collect winnings despite the fact that the consumer did not travel to purchase tickets.

Consumers report receiving solicitations from Canada, United States, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ireland, Iceland and Switzerland.

Once reported, this information will be sent directly to our Trust & Safety team for review.

To report a match, click on the menu in the bottom right corner of the match’s profile photo or your communication page (the menu appears as 3 dots), from here, you will be provided an option to “Block This Match” or “Report This Match”.

These stories vary but generally involve someone losing a lot of money they could ill afford.

You might think ‘I’d never fall for anything like that’, but a lot of these people thought just the same thing.

Consumers receive a solicitation in the mail advising they have won, or have a chance at winning, a prize or lottery.

The "winner" must first purchase something or pay an advance fee such as taxes to receive the prize.

If they start creating elaborate stories to play on your sympathy or straight out ask you for cash, this is a massive red flag that says their intentions are based on something other than finding love.

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