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So when Mark appeared on the Bumble interface, I took a deep breath and swiped right to indicate interest.

I took a screenshot of the match screen in anticipation of putting it in our wedding slideshow and began the conversation with “LOL, we meet again.” The ensuing text exchanges were nostalgic, funny, and promising.

” Overinvesting in the how-we-met story is making the “Once upon a time …” more important than the “Happily ever after,” and in some cases, preventing the latter entirely.

A contestant named Caila on this season of The Bachelor explained that she met her last boyfriend on a flight, then ran into him a few weeks later in the same city and assumed it was “fate” — so much so that she stayed in the relationship far past its expiration date.

Of course, a Cornell study indicated that couples who met online received less support than those who met in more traditional ways, so if you need to tell your parents you met your fiancé at a church, God bless and godspeed.

But take heart: Meeting on Tinder is going to be seen as unbearably quaint and adorable by the time your kids and grandkids hear the story. ” My friend Lauren met her husband, Phil, on in 2008, long before dating apps had hit a critical mass. ” they joked in their wedding video, making an open joke of how “boring” the meeting story was.

They haven’t asked yet, and I’m fairly certain they don’t give a fuck how we first met.

I will call him Mark Matthews to spare his Google results any humiliation.

He smelled smoke that I otherwise would have slept through or ignored.

He forced me out of bed moments before smoke began to fill my entire apartment and was kind and patient enough to catch my cat even after he scratched the shit out of his hand.

He even had the wherewithal to insist I get my phone to call friends and family.

We escaped a few minutes before the windows below us blew out several feet of flames onto the fire escape we’d just been on.

We were simply mutually attracted strangers who met for drinks after work one night to see what would happen.

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