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Almost everyone receives or gives a kiss at some point in their life. By the time you’re done reading this you’ll be a master of the kiss, so pucker up, grab your best lip balm, and let’s get to it.There are many types of kisses, and below you will find over 20 types of kisses.The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.The Neck Kiss – As the name suggests, neck kissing involves kissing someone’s neck.The French Kiss – The French is considered most popular romantic kiss.A kiss is named ‘French kiss’ when a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.This kiss is useful if you want to pass a romantic message to your partner. The Air Kiss – The air kiss is used as a form of greeting to friends and family.The Lizard Kiss – This kiss involves sticking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth. It is done by resting your cheeks on or near someone’s cheeks and then producing a kissing sound.

This type of kiss has its origin from the Eskimo, hence the name Eskimo kiss.

Secret Message Kiss – This is basically a French kiss with a ‘secret message’.

It involves spelling out a message to your partner in the in the middle of a French kiss.

This gentle, tender and award-winning Indian comedy follows the ordeal of an over-worked modern son forced to accompany his 77-year-old father to the holy city of Varanasi, where he plans to end his days.

Richard Kelly's astounding debut feature is a mix of stylish eighties veneer and existential horror starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the troubled teen who is haunted by a giant rabbit prophesying the apocalypse.

Lingering Lip Kiss – This is a closed mouth kiss that lasts for more than 20 seconds. It is a friendly sign of affection for anyone you know and love. If you don’t get over it, just make him/her your lover. It involves putting on a harmless amount of Chap Stick or lip gloss on the lips and then rubbing it on your partner’s lips until they are also coated.

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