Crystalens accommodating iol

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Your doctor will discuss the lens options that are likely to work best for you.

In the past, cataract surgery only involved monofocal lenses, which could only focus on objects near or far, but not both, since a monofocal lens cannot adjust to accommodate varying distances.

This program was designed to help the patient throughout their ninety-day postoperative period.

If your patient is comfortable beginning with one of the later books, be sure to encourage them and let them know that they are ahead of schedule. Some patients may be able to begin the program on one of the more difficult books.

If the Crystalens is only going to be implanted in one eye, or if it is anticipated that the second eye will not be implanted within one month of the first eye, the program should be started once the implanted eye is two weeks post-op.

You should plan to exchange booklets every two weeks.

It has a single point of focus, so most patients ask for the best distance vision when electing a monofocal lens.

However, these patients often still need glasses for distance if they have significant astigmatism.

Each book has sixteen different word search puzzles designed to be completed over a two-week cycle, with the patient completing one exercise per day.

Book One should be very easy for the patient, the font size being the largest.

Once that book is completed, the patient can advance to the next book.

Accommodation is the ability to change focus throughout the range of vision much like a zoom lens.

The Crystalens AO® by Bausch & Lomb (Rochester, NY) brings together traditional Crystalens accommodating lens technology with an aspheric lens design to help reduce aberrations.

With each new book the print will get smaller, increasing the difficulty of the puzzle.

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