Criteria for backdating jsa

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They told me to call 03456088545 which I did on 23 Jul.

Jobseekers allowance (JSA) is a UK government benefit that is offered to people that are unemployed but are able to work and also fulfil the eligibility requirements.

Income based JSA is offered when an applicant has not past history of having made NI contributions.

When you are assessed by the Jobcentre you will be offered either contributions based, income based or a combination of the two types based on your past work history. In order to qualify for income based or contribution based job seekers allowance you will need to be assessed by the Jobcentre and attend an interview at your local jobcentre.

Provided that you are able to fulfil the following criteria it is likely that you will qualify for JSA payments.

You must: Jobseekers allowance payments are usually paid every two weeks and they will be paid into a designated bank account.

Lower level sanctions – A lower level sanction will be applied for a period of 4 to 13 weeks depending on the severity of what has happened.

The jobcentre can decide to impose this sanction for the following reasons: Intermediate level sanctions – This level of sanction can last for the same amount of time as a lower level sanction (4 to 13 weeks) depending on the severity of the infraction.

They can last for periods including 13 weeks, 26 weeks or 3 years.

The name of the benefits has changed over the years and can commonly be referred to as the dole, UB40, signing on, or simply unemployment benefit. These are contributions based job seekers allowance and income based jobseekers allowance.

Contributions based JSA is given when an applicant has a history of having paid national insurance (NI) contributions which is a consequence of having been employed in the past.

I have been told that whilst I can apply for backdating, it simply won't happen.

They would also require a 6 month history of active job seeking, something there was no way for me to be aware I needed to be compiling at the time.

Dear Department for Work and Pensions, Consider the situation: I applied for JSA online on , and applied to receive it back date as of then.

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