Counter strike source always validating steam files

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I've begrudgingly done the usual steps (as listed in the two links posted by Menthol), to no avail. Yeah, you have to disable auto-update for the 2006 SDK to keep it from converting it to Steampipe...There has to be a reason though as to why the converted SDK is causing this error because it is supposed to be, after all, the same SDK as always.t=1408288 Please report back with the method worked for you... Thanks for finding this so we can start to work up a fix, whether temporary (until Valve fixes the supposed "screw up" on their end) or a permanent work-around.I started receiving this today as well, right after Steam performed its steampipe update on SDK2006. I'll work on this a bit today, see what I learn and between us all we'll keep up-to-date on our fixes here...Click Here for full instructions in the Server Administration Forum.Click Here for the instructions in the Installation page on hl2

If Steam itself is failing to launch or you still experience odd issues with games not working properly, you might want to try deleting your Client file.Went to the Steam Forum to see if anyone else was having this problem after last update, but surprise,surprise they are "temporarily offline".....been for a couple of hours (and it was the same last week when I tried). showtopic=4575 For more methods see this thread on the Steam forums which includes similar steps as our support thread: So, I guess we'll follow what is suggested in that Black Mesa thread...Archived from groups: (More info? )So I'm like right into HL2, take a break, reboot PC, start HL2 again, auto logs onto steam, and it automatically "updates".............after which neither HL2 or CS Source will now start. I really need to get that old black guy outta that pod prison thingy (matrix rip-off). Tried rebooting, logging onto steam (over and over), and validating the cache files all to no avail.

But hey, that's better than not being able to run anything, right? The new dedicated server instructions have been updated for using the new Steam CMD for Steampipe. The "Official HL2CTF 2.1" Linux server has been taken down as currently there is no App ID for a Linux dedicated and only the WIndows dedicated is supported as App ID 205.

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