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Some relationship between distance and activity can be seen in their data, when fitted to an exponential curve, but the scatter of the points is large (R The additional radioactivity in the biosphere caused by human activity due to the releases of man-made radioactivity and of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) can be divided into several classes.

Just because a radioisotope lands on the surface of the soil, does not mean it will enter the human food chain.

In addition some natural radioisotopes are present.

A recent paper reports the levels of long-lived radioisotopes in the trinitite.

Busby quotes a report on the plutonium activity in Welsh intertidal sediments by Garland et al.

(1989), which suggests that the closer a site is to Sellafield, the higher is the concentration of plutonium in the silt.

The caesium isotopes in the fallout have had an effect on farming.

[2] A large amount of caesium was released during the Goiânia accident where a radioactive source (made for medical use) was stolen and then smashed open during an attempt to convert it into scrap metal.

In the graphs below, the total gamma dose rate and the share of the dose due to each main isotope released by the Chernobyl accident are shown.

The accident could have been stopped at several stages; first, the last legal owners of the source failed to make arrangements for the source to be stored in a safe and secure place; and second, the scrap metal workers who took it did not recognise the markings which indicated that it was a radioactive object. reported in 2006 details of the uptake of The caesium was found in the leaf veins, in the stem and in the apical leaves.

It was found that 12% of the caesium entered the plant, and 20% of the strontium.

Using milk as an example, if the cow has a daily intake of 1000 Bq of the preceding isotopes then the milk will have the following activities.

Jiří Hála's textbook states that soils vary greatly in their ability to bind radioisotopes, the clay particles and humic acids can alter the distribution of the isotopes between the soil water and the soil.

The distribution coefficient K One dramatic source of man-made radioactivity is a nuclear weapons test.

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