Conveyor belt dating show

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Take a show like ): the more and more the Bachelor speaks with his harem of ladies about love and connections and openness, the more annoying, pitiful and brainwashed everyone becomes.

The man who gives the answers she likes best wins and the two get to go out on a date, paid for by the show.Of course, over time, this innocent format morphed and became increasingly sexual, complex, and straight up weird.Here are 11 of the weirdest dating shows that took the genre to a whole new level. Basically, a gay guy is looking for love and has a slew of potential suitors to choose from. Yes, there are straight dudes thrown into the mix who are basically just actors, and we're supposed to hope that the gay guy doesn't fall in love with a straight dude accidentally. Nothing makes finding love easier than being physically chained to somebody. This was a one time only TV event, which is a shame because the concept was absolutely hilarious.The women get to pause the belt, ask the men questions, and then select the ones they like, as if the men are so much spicy tuna or yellowtail sashimi.If this sounds unpromising, silly, possibly cruel or unlikely to produce a decent conversation, let alone love, I say, this is the best idea for a reality dating show since (that means it’s a really good idea for a reality dating show.) Shakespeare said brevity is the soul of wit, and to totally miss his point, and mangle his language, brevity is also the soul of reality TV couplings that do not make you want to gouge your eyes out.

I almost felt my brains melting as I watched the spray-tanned, muscle-bound, self-proclaimed Guidos alternately preening at, fighting, and hooking up with everyone in sight.

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