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You are allowed 500 emails/users and get 7 gigs space free on Skydrive.

After using it for a few days I have really grown used to it and the main thing I miss about Google Apps is the option to get a Google Voice number for free.

Google Has officially ended its 10 user Free Google Apps Accounts and the search for a free Google Apps Alternative began.

You can still get a 1 user Google Apps account through the Google Apps Engine but since it’s only good for one user it doesn’t really make sense for anybody other than people building apps that need a [email protected]

The best Google Apps Alternative I found to date is the new you can use your own custom domain and since its microsoft you get excel/word/powerpoint all better then the Google Docs we all grown use to.

There’s also a nice online calendar and the UI is very clean and modern.

online Outlook is very easy to setup and I’ll have a nice guide coming soon.

That may work for some people but it’s just too few for most of my clients.

Regular Moz readers should recall from our fairly dramatic Penguin story from 2012 (tl;dr: the Penguin hit us hard, but then we recovered. Specifically, we: And yet it was all for naught, we were, to put it mildly, in a hole. We'd tried everything, pulled every string and ticked every box, we were doing stuff better than ever, but still we were failing. Let's kill and merge it with her sister site WPMU DEV. There was every reason to believe that a hex of some sort had been placed on

It's a good question, and it's not one we arrived at lightly.

Since this recent change my preferred email service is defiantly zoho.

outlook has terrible administration settings and many times you have to submit posts to the microsoft forum for changes to be made.

I’m not sure how long Google is going to give out Free Google Voice numbers since it looks like it’s moving away from free services.

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