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That’s why many creditors will try to sell outstanding debts that are about to expire to collection agencies.

By selling your debt, usually at a lower price than is owed, the creditor can at least recoup some of their money.

So, if you’re like the millions of others who have landed in this boat, here are a few important things to know: Canadian law dictates that creditors have a set period of time to attempt to collect a debt.

These types of Calgary credit relief loans programs offer a lower or sometimes zero interest rate, and gives the you the Alberta consumer time to recover some savings as you quickly pay off your debts.

According to Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia rules, debt collectors cannot call you more than three times a week.

This varies by province, but as a general guideline, credit agencies and debt collectors are usually prohibited to call you in the early morning (before 8am), on holidays, and on Sundays too.

This way, you are able to simplify your Calgary household payments and not have to deal with the high interest rates of credit card payments.

Calgary card consolidation loans is not the same as it is part of the Canadian bankruptcy act and will hurt your credit for years, we have a much better debt relief loans solution.

In fact, for many people, the loss of a job, a personal or family illness, or a pressing financial need can lead them to depend on their credit cards to survive.

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