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That particulare summer was extremly hot, recorh temperatures of the decade, not to mention the humidety and the fackt the air didnt cool down a bit during the night.

That also happend to be the summer Darko and I decided to camp yust outside the house in an old army tent.

He just stood there and stared at out two dicks, he was so sure he was going to win and shocked by the size of my dick he didnt say a word at first.

“get down on your knees and start sucking couz.” I said.

“lets put them together to compare properly.” we stepped closed to echother and put our dicks one next to another.

Like this the difference in size was even more obvious, my dick was for a full head bigger than his, I also noticed he had no hair on his balls while my have already started to sprout.

While i was at about 170 cm high at the time and have light brown hair and brown eies.

This story unfolds in 2009 when we were both 14 and wery much courious abaout whell everething...

“on three and we both pull our shorts down.” Darko said, “OK” “1, 2, 3…”, on three I pulled down my shorts stood up and locked at his dick (he did the same), the difference was immediately obvious.

The next morning i decided to ask Darko if he minded if i slept naked, for i often slepped naked at home where i had my own room and nobody would mind or notice.

That evening after everyone had gon to sleep and we were getting reedy to do the same in our tent, I asked Darko if he minded if slept naked, due to the heat.

I apologise in advanse of any and all spelling mistakes and promos to fix them all soon.

Hi my name is Matic and this is my first story on this site so any costructive criticism is welcomed.

He only had a small pubic bush while my was much more noticeabely bigger for that age, he was also noticeably smaller.

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