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Maybe sometime soon it will be possible to access the serialport on the iphone without jailbreaking it.

Sorry” This turned out to be a permission problem, so I navigated to /var and changed the permission so anybody could write to lock: chmod a w lock.

approach 1: Serial communication using mobile terminal and minicom Before getting started I recommend installing a very useful addition to the iphone software called sbsettings, available on Cydia, which basically is like a control panel for “hidden” features on the iphone. You need to know how to SSH to the iphone from your computer.

You can also install addons like syslog, which is very useful when debugging. I use a combination of fugu and terminal on OSX, Putty should do the job on Windows.

This is ok for protyping, but I want to get rid of the PC part (Actually there was a project in 2008 which uses iphone-xbee to control a rc-car.

The instructions are in Japanese, and it was made using python I believe).

Basically it lets you open a serial connection and you can send and receive data using the terminal window.

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