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To poke fun at a philosophy major, one may say that all they do is sit under a tree and ponder the world around them. Other jokes may involve fraternity or sororities and poke fun at those who join.

There are a lot of common jokes that involve college testing. Some jokes about college life include: Another common element of college humor is practical jokes.

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A common joke that works with most majors is: Why did the engineering student miss his date? As there are a large amount of majors at most colleges, there are jokes catered to each major. Some of the most popular jokes involve college life.

There are many jokes that make fun of the idea that liberal arts majors are easy. There are many stereotypes that college students are both poor and crafty.

Many of the most popular college humor jokes and pranks are ones that are related to everyday life and studying and are meant to simply poke fun at many of the things that can cause stress while in college.

Tell a funny joke while studying with friends or the next time you are a party and need to break the ice.

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When situations get too serious, lighten up the mood with a witty joke or a silly prank that will make everyone around you laugh and will put a smile on their face each time they think of it.

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A lot of common college party jokes play on the idea that college is mostly for partying.

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