Cnbc online dating story

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"One thing I found interesting is [online daters] don't want to have that money talk," Helen Fisher, a Ph. and the chief scientific adviser at, tells CNBC Make It."They don't want to have any discussion having to do with money except what kind of job you've got." The survey found that the soonest most respondents would feel comfortable disclosing financial details, such as credit scores, spending habits and debt, would be within the first six months of a relationship.64 percent say they are not comfortable sharing their income and 53 percent say the same of their spending habits.

Meredith Golden had an unlikely skill: She was an expert at managing her friends' online flirtations.Men who appreciated "observational" and "surreal" humor were less successful.Though scoring high on an appreciation of "surreal humor," it did not make people more attractive."Regardless of your credit score, one of the keys to improving or maintaining your credit health is simply knowing your score and what the factors are that go into the score," Manfred says."If you know what your credit score is, you can either maintain or improve it." And, as it turns out, improving your credit may lead to success when it comes to online dating.

This, in turn, allows them to make better decisions, avoid critical mistakes, set attainable goals and demystify the subject of money." Kate Manfred, vice president of brand communications and insights at Discover, agrees.

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