Christian dating sexuality

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"The form of the code stressing reciprocal social duties is traced to Judaism's own Oriental background, with its strong moral/ethical demand but also with a low view of woman....At bottom is probably to be seen the perennial tension between freedom and order....Protestants consider it to be sacred, holy, and central to the community of faith.

Its proponents teach "the fundamental biblical principle of the equality of all human beings before God".

Yet, they respond with compassion to deep hurts by recognizing that divorce, though less than the ideal, is sometimes necessary to relieve one partner of intolerable hardship, unfaithfulness or desertion.

Christians today hold three competing views as to what is the biblically ordained relationship between husband and wife.

According to this principle, there can be no moral or theological justification for permanently granting or denying status, privilege, or prerogative solely on the basis of a person's race, class, or gender. Christian Complementarians prescribe husband-headship—a male-led hierarchy. This view's core beliefs call for a husband’s “loving, humble headship" and the wife’s “intelligent, willing submission" to his headship.

Without necessarily using the term "obey", they believe women have "different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage...." Their organization's first tenet is that "God reveals Himself as masculine, not feminine.

God is the eternal Father and the eternal Son, the Holy Spirit is also addressed as 'He,' and Jesus Christ is a male." They consider the husband-father to be "sovereign" over "his" household—the family leader, provider, and protector.

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