Christian dating and pure

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This means that the way we live out our sexuality as unmarried persons will find power and joy as Jesus is the focus of our deepest desires and affections.

This does not mean we deny that we have sexual desires or that we struggle to be chaste; nor does it mean that we are condemned if we fall.

For example: To address these thoughts, we need to go back to what godly unmarried sexuality is: Godly unmarried sexuality exalts Jesus, puts others before self, is good, and reveals Christ to others.

To discern biblical wisdom regarding any of the above questions, the key issues become: “Is Jesus and worship of him central or is the self-ruling?

” “It’s great, but it’s not for you, unless you’re ‘burning’…then get married! The unmarried to strive to be sexually pure and chaste—but then so are married folks.

Sadly, sexuality is often reduced to a definition along these lines, but it is crucial to have a fuller understanding of it while also being honest that we are embodied souls.

This “shared love” encourages our hearts and spills out into loving others as well.

No sin is truly private; others areas are always impacted.

Singles are normally just given boundary lines of what is not permissible or told what types of relationships are not acceptable.

Yet there are many unanswered questions because many activities can be shifted into “gray areas” not addressed by this type of behavior-oriented teaching.

In another excellent article, “God Gives the Best Sex,” Dan Wilson explains that God’s grace for the unmarried is the key to true joy as well as living out a godly sexuality. Author Lauren Winner explains in that, “…chastity is the free choice to live one’s sexual life in accord with Christian values—therefore everyone is called to live chastely” (p. For the unmarried person, this means a life of purity through abstinence.

Because the idea of sexuality is often equated with sexual activity, those of us who are unmarried often miss the rich blessings God can pour out upon us as sons and daughters as sexual beings. For the married person, it means a life of purity through faithfulness.

This is ungodliness in our express of our sexuality. Godly sexuality involves worship through discipline. In , Lauren Winner brings out the rarely discussed concept of chastity as a spiritual discipline meant to align our wills with God’s (p. Here, too, there is an overlap between godly unmarried and married sexuality.

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