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I'm tired of seeing all these community leaders, remote staff being treated that way and not being paid."When Aol first started the program, however, it was not such a bum deal.In return for acting as community leaders and helpful Virgils to the virgin Internet, monitors received free Internet service.As happens to many growing Internet companies, Aol’s users turned against the company when its behavior took on a decidedly corporate feel.In 1999, during an online meeting with all community leaders, Aol management announced that volunteers would no longer receive free Internet service; instead they would receive a discounted rate.And for-profit companies don’t have volunteers; they have lawsuits waiting to happen. By 1999, monitored Aol chat rooms that ranged in topic from sports to gardening.

Wales But as Wikipedia grew, Wales had a popular site maintained by an army of unpaid volunteers who wrote and edited articles, acted as moderators, and would revolt if banner ads one day appeared.

Order up a scooter for a 2 person tour or a whole bus for a bigger group and all those avatars who jump on are taken along on a tour of the web.

The Virtual Hangout was first started in 1995 as an idea inspired by some very kewl Vee Psters.

At the time, Aol charged by the hour, so monitors who were heavy Internet users saved hundreds of dollars each month.

This actually hurt Aol when the lawsuit began, however, as the reception of benefits (along with whether the work is full-time and displaces regular employees) is a factor that helps the Department of Labor determine if a volunteer should actually be paid.

“What community leaders did was very essential to the service in terms of what [Aol was] selling to the public,” their lawyer, Leon Greenberg, American labor laws are not friendly to the idea of companies using volunteers.

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