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Sodah is now working on assembling a group of programmers to discuss how technology can be used to bring about social change.If Apple’s Siri launched today, one wonders if it would still be designed as a slightly sassy, demure female assistant. While Amazon’s Alexa (2014), Siri (2011), and Microsoft’s Cortana (2013, named after a nude character in the video game Halo) staked out their identities years ago, the world is changing.Oren believes gendered bots are giving way to “robot-specific” identities without such clear gender lines.“It never pretends to be a human, and the lines are never blurry,” he says.However, a bot makes the process easier as you can access it from your phone,” said Sodah whose 10% vision has not deterred him from working for the past five years.“You should know how to adapt to circumstances and eventually figure out ways to keep the work going,” he says, speaking about his impairment.

“We believe strongly in the idea of humanizing intelligent agents and that includes us openly portraying gender in our two agents,” he says.Although the name was decidedly neutral, the stereotypical implications of its voice were not.But there seems to be a shift underway among bot developers to discard old stereotypes (even the first chatbot program in the mid-1960s was christened Eliza).Yet developers are still wrestling with the question of how human to make a bot, says Dennis Mortensen founder of, which launched the scheduling bots Amy or Andrew Ingram in 2014.“The very first question that comes up when you put a [bot] to work is whether you humanize it or not,” said Mortensen.

To get a sense of the transition, just listen to Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.

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