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For big outdoor ceremonials attending the rehearsal can be better than the real thing!London has its fair share of Royal Palaces - with a large Royal Family, and intense rivalry between dynasties, the number of separate buildings, and additions to older Palaces has meant that the variety of architecture is staggering.The title of 'lord' here and 'warlord' in Afghanistan are exact equivalents, and those who assert their superiority and honour are usually the most venial.That said, the barons, earls and dukes which pepper these pages did contribute colour to British history (usually blood red).

It was very much seen as a place of refuge for the Royal family in a time when the rules of engagement and the lines of succession were being worked out.The classic rape of a historic centre took place in Cambridge, where town councellors, hubris inflated by the University's conservatism, set about the destruction of the medieaval Petty Cury area, erecting a giant and ugly shopping centre.The destruction continued when the Duke of Westminster destroyed the Victorian area of 'The Kite' (the University's choice of a development site) erecting a truly monstrous shopping Mall.A succession of later Kings and Queens transformed the Palace according to their tastes too, which accounts for the diverse styles.James I used Hampton Court for its excellent hunting in the park. For more on that matter read the well-written but smutty poetry of Rochester.

As the Tudors and Plantagenets fought over control of the country, several nasty little incidents took place here eg. By the way don't trust Shakespeare on the subject - he was writing for the dynasty which replaced the Gloucester regime.

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