Can infant motrin be sedating

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Acetaminophen is a safe medicine to give your child.

There will be no major side effects when you give this medicine as explained on the box or bottle.

He may use words like pain, hurt, booboo, sore or ouchie.

Your child may point to the part that hurts, or protect it.

Name of your child's surgical clinic: Phone number: Contact person: Most children have at least some pain after an operation. How much pain your child will have, and for how long, will depend on your child and the type of operation your child had.

After the first few days, when your child hurts less, give the medicine only when he needs it.The amount of medicine to give depends on your child's age and weight.Read the directions on the side of the bottle or box to find out the right amount, or dose, for your child's age and weight.Your surgeon may sometimes prescribe medicine to help your child have a bowel movement.You can give your child opioids and acetaminophen together if he is having a medium amount of pain in the first few days after the operation.

The amount of medicine to give depends on your child's weight.

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