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Even though she knows the truth, Bella falls for Edward.As their love grows for one another, the arrival of the American Nomads―James, Victoria, and Laurent, stirs things up for all the wrong reasons.As James becomes fascinated by Edward's protectiveness towards Bella, he becomes obsessed with killing her.Now, Edward and his family have to find a way to keep Bella safe, no matter first thought to be portrayed by Henry Cavill, as he was Stephenie Meyer's first choice.Although everyone at school likes to keep a distance from the Cullens, and vice versa, Bella strangely finds herself getting drawn towards Edward.

In the second film, the entire Cullen family leaves Forks after Bella is almost attacked by Jasper on her birthday party.

This version of Boyd’s life is extensively romanticized and many details of his life have been completely eliminated, but from a purely cinematic standpoint, is about a group of four people who get paid to substitute for the recently deceased to comfort their families.

No information is given to us about the personal lives of three of them, but for the fact that one is the gymnastics coach of another.

But as Bella is trying to keep both men in her life happy, a revenge-hungry vampire from the past has come back to stir things up again.

decided to split the fourth novel into a two-part film, and in the first part, we see Bella and Edward getting married.

Even though most of the storyline is focused on the werewolves, and how they came into existence, the second half of the movie does bring back the beloved vampires along with some not-so-good ones, the Volturi.

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