C designer file not updating

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But it doesnt matter, happens in each and every folder of my site.In the style library version control is disabled by default.If I check the response headers from the HTTP-Request it says "Last-Modified: ".So while somewhere it seems to have stored the correct change date the server somehow still sends me the old version.This will automatically regenerate the dataset.or dataset.file.The next time you save the XSD file you should be able to see the dataset file, dataset.(or .vb) file, for your XSD.We often use files in our projects to create xsd (XSD: XML Schema Definition, used to validate XML) schema.However, sometimes when we attempt to update the dataset the Visual Basic/ C-Sharp code behind the scene does not get updated i.e., dataset.or dataset.does not get updated.

I can temporally solve the problem by removing the Rad AJAXManager and the Rad Script Manager from the master page run the application and then insert the two Telerik components again on the master page.Other people that first visit the site see the new version, if I change it they keep seeing the first version they have encountered.As this is in all browsers (so changing the browser between first and next visit) it is not cache related (i tried with deleting the cache of course).Then I don't get any errors in design mode until I close the project and open it again. NET guidelines and best practices for dll creation. Can you please try the suggestions provided in Unknown server tag/Could not load file or assembly errors section in this help article? Hi Anders, First, since this is isolated to a certain machine, I would advise comparing some settings/installed software, especially VS plugins to try and find a difference.So I dependently think the problem is related to the Telerik components. The problem is odd and could be due to a broken reference to the Telerik. Best regards, Rumen Telerik Rumen thanks for your answer. I have read the article but I didn't find a solution yet. I'm now sure that the problem is on my developer machine. We've had a similar report related to VS and TFS integration.

Is it something related to the application structure?

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