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Thus another possible transmission route for investigation was opened up in two minutes searching…As Professor Bruce had already concluded, there is a lot more to be done about how people came to know things in the Middle Ages once we start looking down at this level where their information was actually moving, but for any that might not have believed that, this paper certainly showed it.

Ten tags provided positional data for a cumulative dataset of 349 tracking days during the months of July through March. All remained within ~ 300 km of the coast, and nearly all exhibited seasonal movement between the SCB and adjacent waters off northern and central Baja California, Mexico.Füeg is not a numismatist by training—there are, after all, almost no places that one can acquire such training—but a retired professor of architecture, and this may be one of the reasons this book goes to some strange places.It seemed to me in reading it, though, that the author doesn’t always recognise where his argument, or even in happy moments his data, take him, and that the true worth of the book is in deductions which it requires like the one I want to set out in this post., occupies a unique position in the eastern Pacific Ocean and the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) as the world's heaviest, most fecund bony fish, and one of the most abundant gelativores.frequently occur as bycatch in fisheries worldwide and comprise the greatest portion of the bycatch in California's large-mesh drift gillnet fishery.

The simple answer might be that many Classical texts were copied in the Middle Ages and we’ve just missed one, but no-one mentions Herodotus in Latin between the fifth and fifteenth centuries that Professor Bruce has been able to find, although the so-called Father of History was much better known in the Greek-speaking world.

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