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However, these days I might suggest being a little less than forthright about using crystal methedrine, as the drug has endured a huge media demonization (not to mention the Rufus Wainwright seal of disapproval) and special task forces have been assigned to eradicate the substance as it ravages the Castro and spreads HIV and syphilis throughout the gay community, dancing lead with young gay victims, down the path of self destruction by providing that false sense of well being and invincibility and heightened sexual urges that lead to unprotected sex, bug chasing, and even selective infecting by twisted vindictive evil villains with minds corroded by advanced drug addiction, yeah, like a Jackie Collins novel.That's a lot of stuff to pin down to a substance that for some people produces frenzied projects that draw them away from other people and more to hot glue guns and window treatments and sponge painting and organizing collections or pinching your own nipples for 12 hours straight or developing an advanced level of paranoia that leads you to call the police and report that your neighbors are trying to drive your cat insane, or dumpster diving for things to put up your ass or gazing out your window into a neighbors window and seeing him jacking off and joining him for hours of exhibitionism till the sun is up and you realize you've been cruising a large houseplant and sofa all night, and other games that don't require two or more players and seldom involve unprotected sexual activities as they seldom involve other real people.The most it has ever done for me is give me an upset stomach.Personally I've always preferred snorting it, the process can be quick and easily concealed on the sly, or more elaborate and ritualistic, like on a mirror, divided into lines and passed around for more formal situations.That's one good deed I'll probably never live down.All because I modeled a few armbands and a rubber bathing cap covered with syringe caps and whimsically titled "A day at the beach," many people forever thought I was an IV user.I personally have a definite aversion to needles and have never administered drugs that way and never will as I sometimes faint at the sight of a needle pricking skin.Over the years I've watched some of my friends graduate to the IV method and often wondered why.

" But I don't mind the association really; I've always been pretty forthright about my own drug use, my general rule being if you do drugs, just do drugs and don't lie about it and don't blame it on anyone else, especially someone who was nice enough to share their drugs with you. If someone asks how you are just say, "I'm on speed, day two and I'm spun the fuck out," if that applies.

Often times people who do speed do a fair amount of cruising for sex via the phone lines and the Internet.

These methods often require a general descriptive message left for others to hear or read and decide if they might be a match.

This is because I participated in a couple of benefits for the needle exchange program many years ago, as it was one sure way to decrease the high number of HIV infections in the city.

My assistance involved modeling some clever accessories crafted by a generous and talented wig stylist called the "I-can't-believe-they're-for-junkies" arm bands, which were like socks with the end cut off and pulled up the arm from here to here and decorated with bows or tracks from a toy train set sewed on them, bedazzled with studs, plaid for fall, holiday themes, some even fur-lined and of course all proceeds from their sales were donated to the program.

It is also, in my opinion, one of the least effective ways to do crystal and highly undignified and awkward.

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