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Riese: I feel like that’s happening all over for lesbians in media, being able to tell their own stories, from their perspectives… So for now it’s just the evolution of the next thing, like with Offensive Women.

I mean, if they offered me a job, I wouldn’t reject it, but the desire to be on a sketch show has been fulfilled, and I get to be on one which I fit into instead of being the brunt of the jokes.

At first we thought like, , but actually I think it made the show. So we pitch to the writers our ideas and basically a wish list of things we want to do. Riese: And you got to go to Connecticut and Massachusetts!

Julie: There aren’t that many characters that are like, recurring, where you’re– but there’s a ton of new stuff, so everyone got to do a lot of new stuff. Julie: For we had planned this big run at the Zipper theater. Julie: Well, there’s a staff of writers for The cast is not technically allowed to write. I don’t know how to describe it, but the guys add a different flavor, and it’s fun.

First intern question — Did you have a Bat Mitzvah? I had a choice to have a night party like a wedding, or a day party, and I chose Disneyworld.

Julie: I had a lunch party because my parents took us to Disneyworld.

I think the very first act that I did included a re-dramatization of Julia Child cooking a turkey where she picked her nose and like stuffed it in her turkey.

In September, once we find the venue, and I think we’ll find it pretty quickly, we’re going to do a big DVD release and launch party, because we did a a weekend at the Zipper and we taped it and we want to use those tapes in one context or another. Riese: We actually saw you on the Rosie cruise last year — your standup and the live “Big Gay Sketch Show” performance you did with Kate and other cast members. Julie: Apparently, yeah, I don’t know what my problem was. She was like, I’m gonna do it to you and then she was like, no I’m gonna masta-rape myself and I was like this is– Riese: Really weird — Julie: Very uncomfortable! Riese: There were a lot of people in the party room. Riese: Well they had a lot of little foods on toothpicks, and a lot of drinks. Riese: Actually, for us, it was eight flights because we accidentally walked up the wrong side of your apartment building. I’m looking forward to a lot, the ease of life there. Riese: We’re all basically masochists to live here. Right now I can definitely say that I’m looking forward to driving, to the nice weather, to not the humidity, to not walking up four flights of stairs…

But none of them were for gay marriage, and Hillary wasn’t either.

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