Best newly dating sites 2016

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The top video was Zoosk’s video on “How to text someone you like“, which featured a relationship coach giving helpful tips.Links were the most commonly posted format, followed by photo content.When it resonates with your audience in a genuine way, it can pay off.Grindr’s top posts also were related to politics and LGBT rights.The top photo, also from Zoosk, celebrated National Hugging Day.

Bumble’s top post also incorporated one of the best strategies to get users commenting on Instagram, by using a relatable meme and suggesting they tag a friend.We combined likes, shares, and comments for Facebook, and later on, likes and comments for Instagram.For total engagement, Zoosk was the clear winner by a long shot.Match, despite being a well-known dating site, didn’t post any content at all to its Facebook Page.e Harmony produced the most content with 88 posts, and the average amount of content posted was 36 posts.

What can we derive from the best content of the 2017 Valentine’s season?

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