Bengali adult sex chating

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Ghotonar suru jokhon prthom ami oi barite thakte jai.

Prothom din ghore dhuki bela 2 toi, tai khaoa daoa ki korbo bujhte parchilam na kenona ghor gochanor jhemela chilo abar porer din theke amar office ache, tai ektu tension chilam.

Thik sei somoy Ajay babu elen amar sathe porichay korte, songe Anita debi’o chilen.

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Ami bichana theke uthe ainar samne jetei dekhi je amar lingo ta ekdom tan hoe dariye ache,nischay ratre kono swapno dekhe erokom obostha hoe giyeche, ebar bujhte pari je Anita keno orokom bhabe haschilo. Kichukhoner modhye Anita groom hoe uthlo ar amar mathata dhore amar thote chumu khete laglo,amio or thot chuste suru korlam,oh! Anita amar jiv ta niye chuste suru korlo, amar khub moja anita amar thot chere amake jigyes korlo…) Anita : Prashant, amar doodh khabe? Anita : na ekhon o ber hoini, tobe tumi chaile ber hobe. Erokom kore duto doodh ke palapali bhabe tipte ar chuste thaki.) Anita : aaaaaaaah!! Choso choso Prashant, aro jore jore choso, mone hochhe bachhar agei tumi amar doodh ber kore debe. Ektu chuse dao sona, ami sokal theke tomake diye gud chosabo bhabchi, ar tatei amar gud rose bhije giyeche. Ami amar jiv ta halka kore Anitar gud e chuie dilam.

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