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For example, if a player decides to include Spellbreaker in their deck, then they are playing a card that is weak in some situations.

Priest is an exception to this rule—silence is a part of their class identity.

With the right support cards for Innervate, it may end up still seeing play, but won’t be in every deck—which is ultimately what we’re aiming for with this change.

Fiery War Axe has been a powerful Warrior weapon since the launch of Hearthstone.

Innervate creates explosive starts to the game that can be difficult for the opposing player to recover from.Removing the Health buff from Murloc Warleader will make it easier for players to clear the board of murlocs, and still have it remain a Classic build-around card.Simplifying health buff interactions is an additional benefit of this change.We are very wary of cards that also incidentally work as a silence.If a player wants to utilize a card with a silence effect, they should be giving up something else.

We will continue moving forward with this design philosophy to help reinforce that ideal.

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