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Estas son todas las medidas de seguridad adoptadas por el ayuntamiento de Pasaia, tras el desprendimiento de una piedra de más de 300kg hace una semana, que esta vez solo alcanzó a varios vehículos...

En la calle lizardi hay 6 tramos de escaleras mecánicas.

So I find no reason, why its wrong to go out and spare sometimes with the Exs.

But it becomes challenging when our ex come to you to carry on a secret relationship, which your new partner may not be aware of. The teacher said: in order to answer your question, go to the paddy field and choose the biggest paddy and come back.

Aysha, strongly believe her friend is interfering and ruining a happy couple.

We’re the first to admit that Mario Falcone isn’t our favourite person in the world.

He treated Lucy like shit and had an ego bigger than Charlie’s mole.

WORDS BY Anthony Gilét We recently spent a day in bed, (and when I say “we” I obviously mean myself and my best friend, not some good-for-nothing man that only leads to disappointment), talking about who, out of the people we know, would be the best in bed. Continue Reading This week’s ratchet phrases come in the form of one’s personal penis preference, sex party shade and one trashy gym mishap. It’s used to find gym buddies, advertise rooms to rent, and of course rip the piss out of people and post the conversations on the internet so all the gays in the land can laugh. Continue Reading What separates the Mis Fits monster ball from other London parties?

Tweet: @cocktalkblog #Gays Overheard Continue Reading Grindr is used for all sorts of things these days, other than just hook ups.

Well, aside from the fact that everybody really gets into the spirit of things, you never quite know what you’re going to find. Continue Reading BY Anthony Gilét ‘Fetish’ and ‘virgin’ aren’t usually two words you’d expect to find together, but here I was, a Fetish Party virgin.

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