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I was holding the tray with two coffee cups and I approached near Raj , I could sense that Raj was scanning me from head to toe.

When I tried to give the coffee to Raj unfortunately my saree pallu moved a little bit and now he could see my hip and my navel clearly (I use to wear saree very low below navel but I use to hide my treasures Raj was looking at my waist area and I could sense he wanted to grab my hip and to squeeze it .

But the size of my breast and ass didn’t change to normal, instead they became more perpendicular to my body.

Even though I have large breasts they don’t hang loose instead they are stiff like arrow pointing to enemy, When I walk they bounce.

To my relief the door bell rang and Ramesh entered the house.

One evening Raj came to our house, I was wearing saree like lot of Indian girls wore it while they are in their house Ramesh and Raj were chatting about the current affairs and I brought coffee for them .I got scared if Ramesh leaves me now definitely Raj would start his dirty work and would try to touch my private parts.My heart started to beat heavily as Ramesh started to leave.Ramesh went to the office and I was alone in the house along with my sick old Mother-in-law and my two year old baby my Mother in law never comes out of her room. While handing over the money he held my hands and felt the softness of my skin; I took of my hands along with the money.Now Raj told me that Ramesh would come here to sign an evidence for the money lending process and he took the news paper and sat on the sofa. Raj came to the kitchen and started to speak but I did not respond to him but pretended as if I was listening to him.

I decided to tease Raj I lowered my saree just above the pubic hair in the front and just above the ass cleft at the back.

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