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If the delete expression is used to deallocate a class object whose static type has a virtual destructor, the deallocation function is resolved through the virtual destructor of the dynamic type of the object.

Creates a constrained line NXOpen:: Routing:: ISegment object with input NXOpen:: Routing:: Control Point as ends.

We reported this vulnerability to Microsoft and it was patched last February 2013 [1].

Another example of a use-after-free vulnerability is CVE-2012-4792 [4], another zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability found exploited in the wild last December 2012.

Only use this method when building segments in a part that use NXOpen:: Positioning:: Constraint objects to constraint components and geometry.

This is a new method for creating segments in NX5 and should be used instead of NXOpen:: Routing:: Segment Manager:: Create Segment for all line segments. Updates connection list to reflect changes to wire lengths of referencing connections. License requirements : routing_base ("Routing Basic") Models spline paths to to specified terminals.

The delete operator can be defined on a per-class basis; if there is no such definition for a given class, the global operator delete is invoked.Using delete on a pointer to an object not allocated with new gives unpredictable results.You can, however, use delete on a pointer with the value 0.Consider the following simplified diagram (functions called in between are removed for brevity) which shows the use-after-free condition: The root cause in this particular example is an incorrect reference count of the CMshtml Ed object which allowed the attack to prematurely free it while it is in-use.Interestingly, while looking at this zero-day vulnerability, I realized the possibility that there might be similar use-after-free scenarios (i.e.

The application’s execution flow is then controlled when an attacker-controlled data obtained via the dangling pointer is used within the application.

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