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Housing Benefit is normally awarded from the Monday after the day you made your claim.

Sometimes we can pay benefit from an earlier date if you have a good reason (good cause) for not claiming sooner.

If you qualify for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support, we will normally pay your benefit from the Monday following the day your completed claim form is received.

Up to 1 April 2016 you can make a written request for your claim to be backdated up to six months before the date your written request is received.

If you're making a new claim for benefit, you can apply for backdating on our main claim form.

Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support is usually awarded from the Monday after the day we receive your claim.

If you have a question that is not answered here, or if you want more advice, please contact us or complete the online enquiry form available on the right.

Sometimes help can be provided from an earlier date if you have good reason(s) for not claiming earlier. If you require help from an earlier date, you must tell us in writing when you want this from and why you did not claim earlier. Sometimes it may be necessary to write back to you for more information and evidence in support of your claim.

For Working Age customers' Housing Benefit claims can only be backdated for a maximum of one month.

The law allows us to backdate your benefit for upto one month from the date you asked us to, and you must give good reason (good cause) why this should be done.

Some examples of good cause are: You will need to complete a claim form, which can be downloaded from the link on the right.

We do not need to know why you did not claim sooner to backdate your benefit.

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