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It is the transition to that outcome that concerns me.

The ride from here to there could get rather bumpy. At the heart of the proposed reform is the very serious objective of creating new jobs. At the top of the letter I quoted Montoya from (come on, you have to admit that you watched it at least once): “I do not think that word means what you think it means.” As we will see today, I am not sure that job creation means what the Republicans think it means. Even Paul Krugman will tell you that the way to get out of our current malaise is economic growth through job creation.

If you think you can be in Europe, Asia, or Africa and just be an unaffected observer of these changes, you are not paying attention.

They will have profound implications for currency valuations and global trade.

Additional stores will be closed sooner rather than later.

We are going to look at the proposed tax reform on a philosophical level first and then drill down into the nitty-gritty of the actual proposals. The entire transition team’s number one objective is creating jobs. While there are serious disagreements on the path, everybody agrees on the objective. I am not so sure that everyone understands the nature of the terrain we must cross in our quest to create jobs, let alone the changing characteristics of the objective.

As noted above, almost every person that I talked to about tax reform agreed that the first objective must be to create jobs. The Amazonian Jungle Let’s start with a story to illustrate my concern.

I get that politics comes with the territory; and I think everyone, no matter their political persuasion, will agree that taxes, which are political in nature, have a major impact on economics, finance, and investment. My original intention for this letter was to do an analysis of the Republican tax reform proposals.

My associate Patrick Watson and I spent two weeks doing a really deep dive into the proposed reforms.

The Amazonian Jungle The End of the Dollar Standard The Double Pyramid of Credit The Problem of Divergence The Emergence of Trumponomics There Is Nothing Immutable About a Dollar Standard Postscript: A Modest Proposal to Save the World Florida and the Caymans – Joseph Schumpeter on the Industrial Revolution The usual thrust of this letter is economics, finance, and investing.

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