Awkward dating breakup

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It’s not realistic to expect to be friends right away, so you might want to try to minimize the amount of time you spend together and instead turn to other parts of your support system. With some compromise, compassion and maturity, you can make the best of any less-than-ideal situation. At the train station, her Mum comes to pick us up and her brother had come along for the ride too, so I got death stares all the way home along with "ahh it wasn't meant to be, you'll be great friends, you never know in the future" from her Mum.Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I'm in the pub with original mate who set us up; she calls me a bastard (understandable) and says it's much worse than I first thought...turns out she'd had a boyfriend the year previous, and gone down to London with him..broke up with her there.Breaking up is hard to do, as this poor bunch found out. Me: Yeah, I think I feel the same way..."[]"One of my best mates introduced me to this girl, she seemed nice (sort of sugary sweet nice), and we started dating.

Can you tell I'm not exactly a friends-with-exes girl?I never used to know how to stay friends after a breakup, mostly because I always wanted to get back with them or they wanted to get back together with me.I recently had to stop being friends with an ex because things got messy.A young woman had recently broken up with her boyfriend of two years, but they continue to share an apartment.They were trying to transition into roommates and friends, switching off nights sleeping on the couch and bed.

Cheers, Reddit, for these: Woman that I had been involved with for, probably, two months found out that I had no idea of what her name was. When it finally came to actually having sex (which was pretty dull) I only really saw her as a mate than anything, so it was pretty awkward.

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