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Privacy issues have become more prevalent with the growth and use of technology in our everyday life.

Even sharing the most basic information about yourself online, like your name and birth date, can put your privacy at risk.

Building sites usually have signs to advise people of all the safety regulations, but this one goes a step further.

If there is a huge f#*k-up then you gotta call Todd, who presumably is the boss, and he will come and try to un-f#*k it again!

Our regular contributor Mark Maupin found this rather elaborate sign at the turnoff to the Whim Creek Pub on the North West Coastal Highway between Port Hedland and Karratha in WA.

In South Australia there is a town by the name of William Creek, and there is an interesting sign up to inform you of how far you are from some other major landmarks.

This penguin warning sign is located in Tasmania, and was spotted by Bottom Bits Bus on one of their tours in Tasmania.

Magnetic Island is about as far north as koalas go.

This sign was spotted in the picnic area at Cape Tribulation beach, but what does it mean?

You may encounter gates on the roads you travel, the etiquette is to leave gates as you found them, close them after you if they were closed, and leave them open if you found them open.

Many roads in Australia are unfenced so keep your speed down if you see them and try to avoid driving at night. We're not sure where this is, but what a fantastic idea!!!!

In our modern society and especially among the younger generations, privacy issues arise almost everyday.

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