Audrina corey still dating

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Knowing the truth behind that crazy rumor that Conrad and Brescia once hooked up behind her back."That was a real rumor," Patridge confirmed.

"That came through a mutual friend, Dino, that we all used to hang out with.

After she confronted the athlete about cheating rumors on August 16, he allegedly pushed Patridge, who was cradling their daughter, according to the documents.

“He started punching and hitting himself on the head,” her account reads.

Before their November 2016 Hawaiian vows, the duo had broken up — and reconciled — at least three times.

"It was hard with Justin towards the end with him and Kristin [Cavallari] and all that stuff."That "stuff" she's referring to is a party scene in which her and Cavallari got into a "fake" fight over Brescia while filming at Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s house, which we found out was, sadly, also fake."[ creator] Adam Divello was there scouting out the complex and he saw [my roommate and I] laying out at the pool.He was there scouting the complex for Heidi and Lauren.""At that time I had never watched , so I didn't know who they were," she admitted.He was with them in Las Vegas one weekend, and he told me that and [it] kind of broke my heart.""When I asked them about it, I didn't hear from either of them for weeks," she said, adding, "It made me feel even worse, like, 'Why aren't you calling me?Something did happen, neither of you guys are calling me!

"But the thing with Kristin is, she's really good about just [being] like, 'Let's just do this. I'm down for whatever.'" WATCH: The Hills' Star Jason Wahler Opens Up About Suicide Attempt"And for me it was like, there were some real feelings involved with Justin at the time, so I kind of had to get used to it," she continued.

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