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I would caution against taking a blanket consent approach with partners who are in any way vulnerable (see point #1).Remember that at any point, no matter what you agreed to, you or your partner can say no or change your mind about what you already established.

While this is an ideal we should all strive to, in reality, many people are not ready for an agreement like this.

Are they responding with a smile, leaning in closer, letting out a little sigh, reciprocating with a similar touch, saying “your hand feels so soft”?

If so, that usually means “yes, continue.”Are they pulling away, freezing in fear, do they seem uncomfortable, or do they not respond in any sort of way?

Here’s what you need to know about obtaining enthusiastic consent.

When people are intoxicated, sexually inexperienced, in a new situation, or acting recklessly or immature, their physical and/or mental capacity to make informed sexual decisions is impaired or limited.

There is no single approach for negotiating enthusiastic consent that will work for every person in every situation, but here are some things you can do to ensure that both you and your partner will be happy and comfortable with the physical activity you engage in.

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