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This is partly due to the formation of ozone clouds that exacerbate global warming Keep your feet on the ground There are plenty of reasons to avoid flying.

As far as national politics go, remember Britain is not a democracy, it is a constitutional monarchy. I'm not sure i'd want to venture out into the world of politics..there's far too much back stabbing ; dodgy dealings and untruths in it all. I have been an activist within my union for many years and a member of a political party for some time too (bet you can't guess which one).

Just make your meal out of plants — and remember to finish your plate.

The aviation industry accounts for about 2 percent of global CO2 emissions, but the overall effect is closer to 5 percent of human-induced climate change.

I wouldn't be standing for Parliament at any time in the foreseeable though as I'm not allowed due to my job (I'd have to resign before standing, rather than only if I won). Maybe I'll do it one day, I couldn't be any worse than any of them in the house today.

That's because the impacts of most eco-living suggestions — from emailing Christmas cards to starting a compost heap — amount to mere miniscule droplets in our rapidly warming oceans.

on top of that you need a nomination form with 10 local signatures on it.

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