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A ‘Liberty ship’ I dived on her in the late seventies, along with others, the James Eagan Layne, John R Park and several others who’s name I forget, after all they built 2700 of these during WWII!!The William H Welch however was memorable by the shear drama and heroism of those involved.An oiler came up and informed me that the engine room was filling rapidly; when I came out on deck I noticed that our ship had a heavy port list and was down by the stern. two large waves came over the bridge, smashing the wheelhouse and casting the crew into the water. I was covered with fuel oil and this fuel oil probably saved my life.It was snowing and hailing and the visibility was very poor. the vessel broke in two across the after end of #3 hatch; the two halves were held together by two torpedo cables. Two old women came down the steep rocky cliff and carried me to their home four miles away.

The ship had come in from The Minch and tried to enter Loch Ewe, on the western, Rossshire coast of Scotland. M., February 26, 1944, that she grounded on Fura Island in Black Bay, then instantly began to break in half. That was obeyed, but the engine room was already awash with water that came through the ripped bottom plates.Whilst the ‘real’ Spitfire ‘stole the show’ the two replica planes were pretty impressive too.After all that we headed back to the site for a fish supper before returning to the Aultbea village hall for the dance.The Russian STS having recently rescued a missing clam diver in the Pentland Firth Meanwhile at Aultbea There was just as much, if not more hardware parked up at the playing fields and AA battery in Aultbea as in Poolewe.This Austin K9 immediately catching my eye as I used to drive one in my yoof.

There was also a hefty American, French and British contingent on the site, all suitably attired and positively bursting with enthusiasm.

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