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As in any red light district, rip-offs happen, especially in Kabukichō, in Shinjuku area.Tourists are usually offered a low price by an agent, but when the bill finally comes it can be quite a bit higher than promised at the beginning.Huge and varied in its geography, with over 2,000 square kilometers to explore, Tokyo Metropolis (東京都 Tōkyō-to) spans not just the city, but rugged mountains to the west and subtropical islands to the south.This article concentrates on the 23 central wards (区 ku) near the bay.For instance, you may be offered entrance to a bar for 15,000 yen, but you will be charged 20,000 yen more in the end. You may be told that it is a mandatory expense for first-time customers, membership fee or any excuse that sounds somehow reasonable.According to The Japan Times, sometimes the fraud victims have been also threatened with violence after refusing to pay.

The center of Tokyo — the former area reserved for the Shogun and his samurai — lies within the loop, while the Edo-era downtown (下町 shitamachi) is to the north and east.

Tokyo has a pretty well known and prevalent sex and prostitution scene all across the city.

You can get hooked up with various working girls and can expect them to provide you with companionship services related to adult entertainment.

It is better not to cause any trouble in Kabukicho. If you visit the red light districts of Tokyo when it’s dark, you may find people approaching you in order to figure out whether you are in need for a girl’s companionship.

If you find the person trustworthy and genuine, then letting him know about your choice can be of help in this matter.

Minato (Akasaka, Shinbashi, Roppongi, Odaiba, Shiodome)Including the business centers of Akasaka and Shinbashi and the neighbouring nightclub district of Roppongi, the port district (at least in name) which includes the artificial island of Odaiba, the skyscrapers of Shiodome.

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