Android validating input data

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The following code example shows how validation occurs after a property change: This method retrieves the property to be validated, and attempts to validate it by calling the Try Validate Property method.

If the validation results change, for example, when new validation errors are found or when previous errors have been corrected, then the Errors Changed and Property Changed events are raised for the property.

Providing that validation succeeds, page navigation occurs, otherwise validation errors are displayed.

You'll be able to find the app in the Play Store Here some screenshot of the Example app ( and the library ) - The app source code is located under this repo! If you're using Android studio you can include it by writing the following in the corresponding Since 1.3.

the library comes with a new optional dependency:

The following code example shows the Try Validate Property method: This method calls the Try Validate Property method from the Validator class, to validate the property value against the validation rules for the property.

Any validation errors are added to a list of errors.

However, the Set Property method is also overridden by the Validatable Base class.

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