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Once both parties agree on the direction, each project is priced individually and you are provided with a detailed price estimate which includes the entire cost for your project with no hidden charges.Why do we price by the project instead of at an hourly rate?

This made the game more interesting by adding graphics, but was the death warrant to the source, as when that computer died, so did the specially modified source for it. Lunar Lander had several versions, later becoming a full graphical game. Many early programs were inspiration for later, more complex games.The gaming empire that became Quake started as a humble Apple computer game named "Castle Wolfenstein".And of course, the ultimate irony is that the Microsoft Basic that ran many of these games started an empire of unimaginable wealth.In this collection I found most every file accounted for.I also found that the games have been modified from the original book form.

Experience has proven that pricing by the project provides tremendous advantages for our customers.

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