Am i dating a workaholic

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Thus they jeopardize the welfare of others, and can show an alarming disregard for ethics and morality. Sadly, their narcissistic views provide little or no insight into what their actions do to others because sensitivity is lacking when the Feeling function fails to inform judgment.

These bright, energetic, and competitive people rarely relax, and seemingly need little sleep.

Some become the , the passive-aggressive PLEASER who can't say No, who desperately wants to be admired and liked, and will do almost anything to gain accolades from the boss and fellow workers.

In future blogs we will examine three concurrent dynamics whose collective influences interweave and transform a Dr. As well, there are two key turning points - the loss of Feeling and the loss of integrity - that produce largely unconscious character changes that accelerate the progress of this addiction to power and control.

Lastly, we will examine the seductive role that - plays in this addiction.

This combination is one of the chief reasons why workaholics fail to save themselves from the grievous losses and character changes that have been presented.

It is also why today we are reading so many stories about prominent people losing their integrity through unethical acts and immoral behaviors.

Similar yet quite different are the NARCISSISTIC CONTROLLERS who absolutely .

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