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Harry Sarfo, a German-born militant who grew up in the UK and joined Isis for three months in 2015, told his experience of police raids and harassment from the local community after he fell under suspicion as an extremist drove him to Syria.

“My friend kept on telling me: ‘This is what you get for being Muslim in the West, especially Germany.

“He is also more likely than not to come from a marginalised background, both socially and politically,” the reported added.

“Most were unemployed, or underemployed, and/or said that their life lacked meaning.” Three quarters of those interviewed reached Syria but subsequently decided to leave, while others were intercepted by authorities in their own country or stopped en route.

more Leading Kurdish political figures are trying to stall the formation of a new Iraqi government in an effort to force out Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Shiite chosen as prime minister two weeks ago, Iraq officials said.

more It's not hard to see why soldier Warren Vernon has mixed feelings about leaving to serve in Iraq.

The city is completely sealed off and under heavy bombardment by the US-led coalition, and Isis is known to kill anyone caught attempting to defect, leading analysts to expect the number of recruits managing escape to be small.

“The respondents of this survey claimed they did not go to Syria with the intention of becoming a terrorist, nor did they return with that purpose in mind.” Despite the role of propaganda sparking a global crackdown on extremist online activity, the report found that among surveyed fighters, the internet played “a far less significant role as an independent source of radicalisation than is generally assumed, and certainly a far less significant role than real life contact”.

“Most saw their religion in terms of justice and injustice rather than in terms of piety and spirituality,” said the authors of the report, which was based on interviews with 43 people from 12 countries.

They found that a typical fighter “is most likely to be male, young and disadvantaged economically, educationally, and in terms of the labour market”.

As he gently cradles his peaceful eight-day-old daughter, he explains the hardest part about leaving on his dangerous mission will be saying goodbye.

more Insurgents in Iraq downed a Bulgarian helicopter with a missile strike today, killing all 11 occupants, as foreign security workers found themselves increasingly caught in the firing line of attacks.

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, faces demands to hold an inquiry into Britain's case for war in Iraq as his rivals in the general election next week home in on his support for the US-led invasion.

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