Ajax reorderlist not updating Futanaria online

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Scripting AJAX using Load Runner is still not as easy as HP salesmen may make it out to be.Alas, lack of documentation, training events, and buggy implementations resulted in Load Runner users needing to fall back on time-consuming HTML recording for synchronous commands and forensic techniques.

This means that tools are needed to expose what is happening inside the browser.Performance testers do not need to duplicate every behavoir of the client application, only those behaviors that cause requests to be made of the server.The "XML" refers to the XMLHttp Request (XHR) method Javascript uses to make requests to the server behind the scenes rather than the GET and PUT methods which refreshes the entire page with every interaction with the server.Load Runner's HTML protocol (functions web_form_submit and web_form_data) are based on a sychronous exchange between client and server.Load Runner waits for a response after each request is sent, and issued a time-out if one is not received.

The "A" in AJAX stands for Asychronous", which means that Load Runner should not wait for a response from one request before moving on.

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